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Transformers Animated - Latest 500 News Headlines
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  1. The Ark Addendum - Ravage's Transform and The AllSpark Almanac Addendum!
  2. Video review of Transformers Animated Electrostatic Soundwave
  3. Another Unreleased Transformers Animated ElectroStatic Soundwave for sale
  4. Transformers Timelines Issue 6 will feature new Allspark Almanac content
  5. G12Uppers reveal their Menasor head sculpt
  6. Derrick Wyatt posts his own Transformers Animated Menasor head
  7. Fan Made Animated Brawn, Cyclonus and more
  8. Marcelo Matere completes Transformers Animated work
  9. The 3rd Party company behind the Transformers Animated Upgrades called G1Uppers
  10. Botcon 2011 Transformers Animated Minicons named
  11. Botcon 2011 Transformers Animated Stunticons and Toxitron toy image galleries now available
  12. 2nd new Botcon Exclusive revealed Fisitron
  13. More Botcon Prints published online
  14. Transformers Dark of the Moon Chevy TV Spot
  15. Marcelo Matere posts Transformers Animated Botcon 2011 Seekers print on Deviant Art
  16. Animated Longrack
  17. Auction for unreleased Animated Thundercracker
  18. Derrick J Wyatt confirms he worked on Transformers Generations 2011 book
  19. In-hand images of Hyper Hobby Transformers Animated Decepticon Rodimus
  20. Transformers Animated The Cool cover
  21. Transformers Timelines Issue 6 Cheetor Vs Rattrap in Transformers Animated panel
  22. More imags of Botcon 2011 Transformers Animated Dragstrip
  23. Transformers Animated - Prison Trypticon
  24. Derrick J Wyatt posts character designs for Animated Stampy and Chromia
  25. New image of Botcon 2011 exclusive Transformers Animated Breakdown
  26. BotCon Boxart revealed
  27. Botcon Motormaster eBay auction pulled by Fun Publications
  28. Botcon 2011 Exclusive Transformers Animated Motormaster sketch video
  29. Transformers Animated Crumplezone
  30. First look at BotCon 2011 comic
  31. Elite Guard Optimus Prime images
  32. More images of Botcon 2011 Motormaster including the wax head sculpt
  33. Derrick Wyatt reveals Transformers Animated Depth Charge
  34. Derrick Wyatt posts sketches of Animated style Predaking and Bruticus
  35. BotCon Animated DragStrip revealed
  36. BotCon 2011 Breakdown
  37. The Cool part 10 translated
  38. Botcon Theme confimred as Transformers Animated
  39. Elite Guard Optimus Prime images
  40. Images of knock-off Transformers Animated Arcee
  41. Transformers Animated Volume 8 up for pre-order in Japan
  42. Transformers Animated The Cool Special Edition with crystal Activator Optimus Prime now up for pre-o
  43. Weird Al Yankovic completes UK Tour
  44. Transformers Collectors Club Transtech Cheetor design images online
  45. Transformers Animated Vol 6 Japanese DVD release information
  46. Transformers Animated The Cool Part 8 translated
  47. Hyper Hobby Black Animated Rodimus pictures and bio
  48. Gold Deluxe Animated Megatron returns
  49. Transformers vs Zombies! IDW Crossover
  50. Next wave of Japanese Transformers Animated figures on release tomorrow
  51. Hyper Hobby Exclusive Black Transformers Animated Rodimus Coming Soon
  52. Images of Japanese Samurai Prowl Transformers Animated figure
  53. Transformers The Cool Issue 6 Translation
  54. Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Gold Version Cards
  55. Transformers Animated Jigsaw puzzels coming soon
  56. Another Gold Animated Optimus Prime on ebay
  57. Transformers The Cool Exclusive Clear Coloured Activators Optimus Prime
  58. Gold Animated Optimus Prime
  59. More large scale Allspark Almanac images from Bill Forster
  60. Elite Guard Optimus Prime Images
  61. Elite Guard Optimus Prime magazine exclusive
  62. Derrick Wyatt shares some of the sketches he drew at conventions this summer
  63. Video review of Black Animated Optimus Prime
  64. Auto Assembly 2010 exclusive Transformers Animated Swindle Plush revealed
  65. More Allspark Almanac II larger images
  66. Scans from the September 2010 issue of TV Boy
  67. AllSpark Almanac II: Deviants
  68. Yahoo Japan Auctions for Clear Starscreams
  69. Sons of Cybertron Rodimus
  70. Black Optimus Prime
  71. Auto Assembly 2010 You Tube Video
  72. Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster announced as the latest Auto Assembly 2010 guests
  73. Derrick Wyatt introduces Decimus Quadrillon to the world of Transformers
  74. TakaraTomy Website updated on Tokyo Toy Show Exclusives
  75. Animated Rodimus Video review
  76. Seibertron interview Jim Sorenson and BillForster
  77. Secrets of the Almanac updates
  78. Figure King 149 scans
  79. New images and listing of e-Hobby Elite Guard Prowl
  80. New images of clear Transformers Animated Prime and Rodimus plus TF Sound Stage
  81. Behind the scenes look at The Allspark Almanac II - part 2
  82. AllSpark Almanac II Signing in Burbank
  83. Derrick J Wyatt to attend TFCon
  84. Image Galleries of the July 2010 Issues of TV Magazine and TV Boy now online
  85. SlashFilm talk Transformers 3d main villian for third movie and more
  86. Cybertronian Mode Ratchet and Arcee released in Canada
  87. Secrets of the Almanac (ONE) Revealed
  88. Transformers Animated Secret Encyclopaedia
  89. Derrick Wyatt passed 900 question
  90. Transformers Animated Japanese PVC and card sets
  91. More images of Japanese TF Animated Plushes
  92. Figure King 148 scans - Clear Animated Prime and Rodimus
  93. Information and image on the 1st Transformers Animated Collection picture book
  94. Japanese Transformers Animated DVD Early Information
  95. Transformers Animated: The Cool - Issue 1 Translated
  96. Animated Gashapon Figures
  97. TFA Japanese Opening Theme Subbed Full
  98. New images of Takara Transformers Animated releases
  99. Further confirmation of Japanese released including images of Rodimus
  100. Upcoming Japanese Animated Releases including two exclusives
  101. Auto Assembly 2010 Announces Its Third Guest Of Honour
  102. TFA Japanese Opening Theme Subbed
  103. Hobby Japan May 2010 Issue Scans now online
  104. Japanese Transformers Animated Episode 1 Raw on YouTube
  105. Japanese Transformers Animated End Credits
  106. TV Boy Transformers Animated Promotion Video subbed
  107. Transformers Animated Opening sequence
  108. TV Aichi updates Transformers Animated website
  109. Japanese Animated Blackarachnia gallery
  110. The Tokyo International Anime Fair report and images
  111. Transformers Animated toys released in Japan
  112. Japanese Transformers Animated TV Spots
  113. Japanese Transformers: Animated Manga Series -
  114. TV-Aichi Transformers Animated site now live
  115. UK Transformers Products for 2010
  116. Transformers Animated Japan cast officially announced
  117. Sega to release Transformers Animated arcade games
  118. Diablock Animated Bumblebee and Optimus Prime
  119. Japanese Animated Toy Commercial
  120. TakaraTomy Animated Arcee
  121. New images of Japanese Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Vs Megatron 2-pack
  122. Hyper Hobby April 2010 scans
  123. New Transformers Animated Books on Amazon including cover for Allspark Almanac II
  124. In packaging image of TakaraTomy Animated Shockwave
  125. April TV-Boy Images and news
  126. TakaraTomy Update website with Transformers Animated Bios
  127. More Winter Wonderfest Pictures
  128. Japanese Transformers Animated packaging
  129. Transformers Animated Allspark Almanac II confirmed
  130. Japanese Voice Cast For Transformers Animated Announced
  131. Japanese Exclusive Building Block Animated Toys
  132. New images of Animated Arcee
  133. Japanese Animated toy pictures and TV date
  134. List of the current Transformers Animated stock at Toys R Us UK
  135. Japanese Transformers Animated figures
  136. 2nd Auto Assembly Guest of Honour announced.
  137. Japan to air Transformers Animated in 2010
  138. Animated Wreck-Gar and Atomic Lugnut Sighted in TRU (Stockport)
  139. Animated Arcee and Cybertronian Mode Ratchet in packaging
  140. Prototype Leaderclass Megatron
  141. 3 new Transformers Animated toy galleries
  142. Images of Freeway Jazz and Electro Static Soundwave
  143. Transformers Animated Reflector
  144. Auto Assembly 2010 Bookings Open!
  145. Transformers Animated Wave 7 - Electrostatic Soundwave and Freeway Jazz
  146. New images of Transformers Animated Bulkhead re-colour
  147. Transformers Animated Fireblast Grimlock released within the US
  148. Want Transformers Animated Season 4 or Allspark Almanac 2 then read on
  149. Allspark Almanac Signing Saturday, Aug. 22
  150. Images of Animated Thundercracker and Blackout figures
  151. Animated Ultra Magnus gallery + Skywarp updated
  152. Auto Assembly 2009 Releases Final Single-Day Tickets!
  153. Images, news and round-ups from Transformers panel at SDCC
  154. Information from the Hasbro Panel at SDCC
  155. Wonder where Transformers Animated Bumblebee is
  156. Toys R Us UK Transformers Sale
  157. Animated Rodimus Minor Rodimus Prime and Oil Slick Recolour
  158. Behind the scenes Transformers Animated images from EJ Su
  159. BotCon 2009- Hasbro confirm the end of Transformers Animated
  160. Transformers Animated Season 3 UK Debut - June 1st
  161. End Game Part 2 images online
  162. Ep 41 Endgame Part 1 gallery
  163. Website Problems - 2 months data lost
  164. Another interview with Derrick Wyatt
  165. Image gallery from Transformers Animated Episode 40 Thats why I hate machines
  166. Transformers Animated Powerglide
  167. Image grabs from Transformers Animated Episode Decepticon Air now online
  168. Transformers Animated Swindle just 4.98GBP in Tesco
  169. Two new Transformers Animated confirmed
  170. Human Error Part 2 Gallery and Summary online
  171. Screen captures from Transformers Animated Episode 37 Human Error Part 1 now online
  172. 5-minute preview of next Transformers Animated episode at Cartoon Network
  173. Part 2 of's interview with Derrick Wyatt
  174. Predacons Rising Screen Grabs online
  175. Preview for Transformers Animated Episode 36, Predacon Rising
  176. Transformers Animated Glyph
  177. Interview with Derrick Wyatt
  178. UK Transformers Animated comic
  179. Screen Captures from Transformers Animated episiode 35 Five Servos Of Doom
  180. Screen Captures from Transformers Animated episiode 35 Five Servos Of Doom
  181. Screen captures from Animated Episode 34 Where is thy sting
  182. Screen captures from Animated Episode 34 Where is thy sting
  183. Five Servos of Doom on you tube
  184. Five Servos of Doom on you tube
  185. New Transformers Animated listings in Walmart computers
  186. New Transformers Animated listings in Walmart computers
  187. Episode Gallery from Ep 33 - Three's a Crowd
  188. Derrick Wyatt updates
  189. Animated Waspinator Boxart
  190. Animated Arcee Boxart
  191. Screen caps from Animated Episodes 30 through 32 now online
  192. Update on the fate of Animated Blurr
  193. New Transformers Animated profiles
  194. Season 3 Episode 30,31,32 review now online
  195. Animated Sunstorm and G! Shockwave out in the US
  196. Animsted Mainframe
  197. Transformers Animated Transwarped Advert
  198. Transformers Animated Deluxe to have prices slashed in the US
  199. Transformers Jetfire and Jetstorm advert on US networks
  200. New Animated toys on the way
  201. Animated Series 3 starts in the US on 14th March
  202. Animated Arcee and Electro Static Soundwave delayed
  203. RUMOUR - Aniamted toys cancelled
  204. Animated Series 3 starts 14th March on YTV
  205. Transformers Animated Golfire Grimlock and Hyrodive Bumblebee cancelled
  206. Transformers Animated Waspinator and Samurai Prowl out now in the US
  207. Transformers Animated Season 3 design sheets
  208. Ratbat confirmed for series 3 of Transformers Animated
  209. Shadow Blade Megatron and Roadbuster Ultra Magnus out in the UK
  210. Possible Animated Series three characters
  211. Animated Ultra Magnus UK release cancelled
  212. German dub for Transformers Animated Season 3 in progress
  213. Robotkingdom update site with new Animated toy images
  214. Transformers Animated Box Art - In Full
  215. TFA Season 3 - the end of Animated
  216. Transformers Animated Safeguard out in ASDA within the UK
  217. Transformers Animated Season three spoiler image
  218. Transformers Animated 2-packs now available at Robot Kingdom
  219. Transformers Animated Perceptor Character Charts
  220. Golfire Grimlock and Hydrodrive Bumblebee toy images
  221. Animated repaints of Ultra Magnus and Megatron set to hit the UK soon
  222. Exclusive: First look at Spring and Summer Argos Catalogue
  223. 2 more Transformers Animated shorts
  224. New Animated Poll
  225. Mocking Megatron - Transformers Animated short
  226. Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm Profiles
  227. First look at Robotic Sari
  228. Transformers Animated Wreck-gar and Samurai Prowl video reviews
  229. G1 coloured Aniamted Shockwave images
  230. Samurai Armour Prowl Images
  231. New Animated toys for 2009
  232. Animated Sunstorm images
  233. Animated Blackout alt mode
  234. 3 new Animated galleries
  235. Strika alt mode revealed
  236. Interview with Derrick Wyatt
  237. Entertainment Rights cut a fifth of workforce
  238. Derrick Wyatt answers some more Animated Season 3 questions
  239. Derrick Wyatt comments even more on Transformers Animated Season 3
  240. Animated Waspinator and Samuri Prowl
  241. First official publically available image of Animated Hotshot
  242. New images of Animated Wreckgar
  243. More Season 3 Character rumours
  244. No Animated for Sweden in 2009
  245. More Animated and Universe images
  246. Animated Wheeljack and Perceptor Images
  247. New images of Waspinator and Universe toys
  248. More Animated Jetfire / Jetstorm images
  249. Transformers Animated The Arrival issue 5
  250. Bumper Battlers Stealth Ninja Jazz, Workzone Bulkhead
  251. Transformers Animated Stealth Lockdown out in UK
  252. New image of Animated Activator Dirge
  253. Animated Sharkticons, Blast Off and a messy desk
  254. Transformers Animated Brawn images
  255. Wreck-Gar toy image
  256. The Wraith character sheet and new G1 character sheet blog
  257. Larger image of Transformers Animated Roadbuster Ultra Magnus
  258. More images of Transformers Animated Swindle
  259. First look at coloured Animated Strika and Rodimus
  260. IDW Arrival Issue 4
  261. Australian Transformers Animated Event
  262. Transformers Animated Wave 3 out in Sainsburys, plus half price sale until wednesday
  263. Transformers Animated Series two cover art
  264. Transformers Animated Issue 3 line art
  265. More Animated Blurr images
  266. Animated Safeguard images and video review
  267. News images of Transformers Animated Blurr
  268. IDWs Dario Brizuela posts Animated Optimus Prime Design
  269. Titans Transformers Animated Issue 1 Gallery - images removed
  270. Transformers Animated Blurr images
  271. Animated Swindle images
  272. New images of Shadow Blade Megatron
  273. Interview with Transformers Animated: The Game creators
  274. IDW Issue 3 and Titan Issue 1 Images
  275. Transformers Animated: The Game - Press Release
  276. Transformers Animated Swindle Galatic Powers
  277. UK Transformers Animated Comic out today
  278. Entertainment Rights acquire Animated Season 3 rights plus summer 09 US launch
  279. New image of Animated Jetstorm and Jetfire combined
  280. Images of upcoming Transformers Animated and Universe toys
  281. Woolworths upto half price sale, now on.
  282. 4 new Transformers Animated Galleries
  283. G2 Morotmaster and Voyager Bulkhead Galleries
  284. New Animated profiles and images
  285. Derrick Wyatt, Animated follows original cartoon personalities not comics
  286. Transformers Animated Season 3: Big Chins R Us
  287. Transformers Animated now available in full at MBTV
  288. New Animated 2 Packs to be Walmart Exclusives
  289. New Transformers Animated Short on MonkeyBar
  290. Derrick Wyatt comments on Oilslick, Eric Siebenaler and G1 characters
  291. Derrick Wyatt confirms he had not seen UK animated Sideswipe
  292. UK Free-to-air TV Animated latest news
  293. Exclusive:Transformers Animated Sideswipe revealed
  294. Transformers Animated Wave 4.5 NOT cancelled but delayed within UK
  295. Transformers Animated Wave 4.5 possibly cancelled within the UK
  296. New Titan Magazines Promotional Wallpaper
  297. Jetfire and Jetstorm Comic
  298. Derrick Wyatt comments even more on Transformers Animated
  299. Derrick Wyatt comments on leaks and Jetfire and Jetstorm toys again
  300. First images of Animated Rodimus, Strika, Blackout and spittor
  301. 2nd Promotional Desktop Standee - Bulkhead
  302. Derrick Wyatt comments on Jetfire and Jetstorm toys
  303. First images of Jetfire and Jetstorm toys
  304. Animated Deluxe 2-packs
  305. Derrick Wyatt comments again on Animated Season 3
  306. New Transformers Animated Bonus Clip
  307. Animated: Only Megatron had a Cybertronian mode desigend for him
  308. Ultra Magnus now out in the US
  309. Derrick Wyatt comments on Animated Season 3
  310. Exclusive first look at Transformers Animated Issue 1 cover
  311. Images of UK exclusive TRU Ratchet and Bumblebee 2-pack
  312. End of poll 9, start of poll 10 and bug fix
  313. Super Value Pack Leader Bulkhead and Activator Bumblebee out in US
  314. EXCLUSIVE: Titan Transformers Animated Wallpaper
  315. Beachcomber may be dropped from season 3
  316. New Transformers Animated Bonus Clip
  317. Prowl concept art released
  318. Jetstorm and Jetfire 2-pack
  319. Exclusive: Transformers Animated Issue 1 Desktop Standee
  320. Transformers Animated Season 2 DVD news
  321. 4 new Animated toy galleries
  322. Puzzlemaster reveals Transformers Animated Beachcomber
  323. New Animated two pack at Toys R Us Uk
  324. Puzzlemaster part 7 - almost there
  325. Rescue Ratchet to be Tesco exclusive within the UK
  326. Puzzelmaster update - part 6
  327. Exclusive: Hasbro UK 2008 release dates
  328. New Animated Activators on eBay
  329. PuzzelMaster Part 5 - four more pieces
  330. Target Exclusive Stealth Lockdown auction
  331. Transformers Animated Skywarp Bio
  332. More Animated Season 3 Rumours
  333. Animated Activators Cliffjumper and Dirge
  334. Puzzlemaster part 4
  335. More Animated Puzzlemaster pieces
  336. New Character set for Episode 30
  337. 4 more Animated Galleries
  338. Transformers Animated in Asda
  339. Hasbro UK Animated Hardcopy give-away ends tomorrow
  340. 2 New Animated toy galleries
  341. Upcoming Animated and Universe toys on ebay
  342. Leadclass Bulkhead packaging image
  343. New images of Henkei Onslaught
  344. New images of Animated Activator Grimlock
  345. New images of Transformers Animated Shockwave
  346. New Animated Activators and Universe Legends
  347. Another Shockwave auction with LongArm robot mode image
  348. Transformers Animated Shockwave
  349. IDW Issue Transformers Animated Press Release
  350. TF Animated wave 3 at Toys R Us UK
  351. Hasbro UK Toy Shop updated with more Animated figures
  352. More images of Animated Shockwave
  353. Transformers Animated Season 3 spoilers
  354. Animated Schedule page updated with French listings
  355. Clear Lockdown in packaging images
  356. Transformers Animated Snarl in stock at Argos
  357. Animated Roadbuster and Megatron repaint revealed
  358. Season 3 Animated Charactors Revealed?
  359. First images of Animated Skywarp and Shockwave in packaging
  360. Target Exclusive Animated Rescue Ratchet and Legends Pack images
  361. Den Patrick on Titans Transformers Animated comic
  362. More New TFs at TRU UK
  363. Hasbro UK Animated Hardcopy give-away begins
  364. 25% off Animated figures at Argos
  365. Transformers Animated Sari toy
  366. IDW Transformers Animated Issue 4 cover
  367. Transformers Animated Boxset now out in the US
  368. Transformers Animated Legends Starscram robot mode
  369. US Transformers Issue 4 cover revealed
  370. Transformers Animated out at Tesco
  371. How would you rate Animated Season 2 - Results
  372. is UK Transformers comic website of the month
  373. Transformers Animated Legends figures on ebay
  374. Transformers Animated figures now on sale at Woolworths
  375. More details on UK Animated Season 1 DVD
  376. Animated Wave 4 stock images
  377. Transformers Animated figures released in Brasil
  378. Lugnut, Grimlock and Blitzwing out at HTS UK
  379. Series 3 rumours - Beast Wars writers for Animated?
  380. Image gallery of Cybertronian Mode Optimus Prime
  381. Animated Schedule / Showtimes page bug fix
  382. Season 3 of Transformers Animated to air this fall in Canada?
  383. In packaging images of Blazing Lockdown
  384. Transformers Animated give-away at Kabillion
  385. Finish Transformers Animated debut changes
  386. Multi-Lingual Packaging Grimlock, Blitzwing and Lugnut spotted
  387. New message board launched
  388. added new instruction sheets
  389. Transformers Animated board game found
  390. More Animated Skywarp images
  391. Official UK Press Release on HasbroToyShop competition
  392. Roll Out Optimus Prime in Xmas top 20 list
  393. Transformers Animated Skywarp toy images
  394. UK Transformers Animated Issue 1 cover
  395. Transformers Animated DS Advert Video online
  396. Win 3 Hard Copy Transformers Animated toys
  397. Interview with Marty Isenberg
  398. Animated Power Bots Bumblebee spotted
  399. Wave 3 toys out in Canada
  400. IDW Animated Issue 1 comic preview
  401. Even more Animated and Universe toys on WalMart website
  402. Transformers Animated Issue 3 cover
  403. New Animated and Universe toys found on the Walmart website
  404. A Bridge To Close aired yesterday in the UK
  405. UK Transformers Animated Issue 1 artist annouced
  406. Roll-Out Optimus Prime spotted in the UK
  407. Transformers Animated Nintendo DS game listing
  408. Transformers Animated out in Venezuela
  409. More Argos Product listings - Transformers Animated Wave 2
  410. MTV to air Transformers Animated in Finland
  411. Chris Ryall comments briefly on Transformers Animated Issue 1
  412. First images of Animated Leaderclass Value Packs
  413. Results of poll 7
  414. TFA Blackarachnia, Ratchet and Leader Class in Smyths and The Entertainer
  415. Inked pages from Aniamted Issue 1
  416. Buy One Get One Free - TRU Canada
  417. Interview with Corey Burton
  418. Transformers Animated toys in Toy City
  419. Animated Arcee and Shockwave toy listings
  420. Wave 3 toys spotted in the US
  421. Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out DVD
  422. Ultra Magnus toy image gallery
  423. Details on Transformers Animated UK Comic
  424. Back of Transformers Animated DVD revealed
  425. Elite Guard Bumblebee auction
  426. Transformers Animated figures out now in Finland
  427. Transformers Animated Issue 1 Inked pages and alt cover
  428. Episode 28 and 29 Episode Summary online
  429. Image galleries from Animated episodes 28 and 29 now online
  430. Transformers Animated Season 1 DVD images
  431. Transformers Animated Roll Out Optimus Prime in stock
  432. Transformers Animated Mispackaged toys
  433. Transformers Animated Instructions online
  434. More Transformers Animated Wave 3 Sightings
  435. Canada to show Animated Finale back-to-back
  436. Animated Optimus Prime Battle Blaster
  437. Transformers Animated Issue 2 cover
  438. Transformers Animated Season 2 Finale to air on one day
  439. Kabillion Transformers Animated Schedule revealed
  440. Titan Magazines to release Transformers Animated comic within the UK
  441. High Resolution images of Sentinal Prime
  442. Region 2 cover art for Transformers Animated DVD revealed
  443. Transformers Animated Fruit Snacks Out Now In US
  444. The Battle Begins Vs Set toy image gallery
  445. Poll 6 results
  446. Three videos from Episode 27 of Transformers Animated now online
  447. New video from Episode 26: Black Friday now online
  448. Ep 27 - Sari, No One Home - Full gallery and episode summary
  449. Blackarachnia Returns Video
  450. New Official website and Updates
  451. High Resolution Images from Episode 25 and 26 now online
  452. Low Resolution screen captures from Episode 26 now online
  453. Episode 25: Autoboot Camp Gallery Correction
  454. Image Gallery from episode 25 Autoboot Camp
  455. Transformers Animated Episode 25: Autobot Camp reminder
  456. Transformers Animated UK Showings reminder
  457. Ep 24 - SUV - Society of Ultimate Villainy review now online
  458. Transformers Animated on Shelves in Hamleys.
  459. Transformers Animated toys released in Malaysia
  460. New images of Animated Jazz
  461. Wave 1 spotted in New Zealand and UK
  462. Transformers Animated to start in South America
  463. 3 videos from A Fist Full of Energon
  464. Episode Summary online for Fist Full of Energon
  465. Ep 23 - A Fist Full of Energon image gallery now online
  466. More images of Animated Oil Slick and Snarl
  467. Transformers Animated figures released in Australia
  468. The Legaccy of Bumblebee three-pack images
  469. Transformers Animated Season 2 UK schedule
  470. Transformers Animated Comic Pencil art
  471. The Evolution of Lockdown
  472. 2 Rise of the Constructicon videos online
  473. Ep 22 - Rise of the Constructicons - full image gallery and guide
  474. Results of the 5th Poll, and a new poll online
  475. New images of Leader Class Bulkhead
  476. Transformers Animated Wave 1 figures out now in Toys R Us Canada
  477. Official hi-res images of Megatron, Blackarachina and Ratchet
  478. Animated Soundwave and Jazz reviews
  479. Animated Episode 29: A bridge too close part 2 summary
  480. More images of Animated Snarl
  481. Final packaging pictures of Animated Jazz
  482. transformers animated episode 28 images and summary
  483. Velocity review now online
  484. Transformers Animated Episode 21 Velocity Image grabs
  485. Transformers Animated Soundwave toy images
  486. Transformers Animated Voyager toys out in Canada.
  487. Transformers Animated Snarl on eBay
  488. Transformers Animated Showtimes page updated
  489. Transformers Animated Issue 1 Alternative Cover Art
  490. German Transformers Animated DVD information.
  491. Transformers Animated to air on a second channel in Germany
  492. Transformers Animated Stock Images
  493. Character lists for Episodes 25 and 29 of Animated announced
  494. Transformers Animated Episode 25: Autobot Camp Summary and images
  495. Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out DVD to include new features
  496. Images and spoilers from Animated Ep 24: S.U.V. - Society of Ultimate Villainy
  497. Dutch Transformers Animated toy schedule
  498. First images and video from Fist Full of Energon
  499. Transformers Animated episode 22 Rise of the Constructicons airs
  500. 4 new Transformers Animated videos online plus bug fix
1) New pictures of upcoming 3rd Party Products include super-deformed Convoy and Hearts of Steel Starsc
2) Interview with TakaraTomy Marketing Team Producer Noriaki Maeda translated on TFW2005
3) Botcon 2012 Tracks revealed
4) Perfect Effects Lio Convoy and Big Convoy on the way!
5) Feb 2012 issue of Hyper Hobby now available
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