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Transformers Animated Episode 23
Episode 23 of Transformers Animated, titled A Fist Full of Energon, saw the return of the one-handed Bounty Hunter Lockdown, the introduction of Prowl's samurai armour as well as an army of Starscream clones, in various different colours.

Episode Summary
The episode starts out in space, with the Elite Guard's ship under attack from Starscream, who has some how managed to escape from the stasis cuffs. The scene quickly jumps to Dinobot Island in the middle of Lake Eerie. Prowl is hidden in some bushes watching some deer when Bulkhead turns up, scaring the creatures away. It turns out that there have been complaints of the Dinobots running a muck on the island, and so the two Autobots have been sent to investigate. Stumbling upon Grimlock, or more the otherway around to be more accurate, Prowl discovers a spike wedged between the robotic dinosaur's foot. Luckily Ratchet has given Prowl his EMP generator, and so he is able to remove the spike from Grimlock. Optimus prime then radio's Prowl passing on a messae from Ultra Magnus, informing the Autobots that Starscream has escaped. Listening in on the conversation is Megatron, who offers a reward to any Decepticon who can capture Starscream and bring the traitor back to him. Prowl and Bulkhead decide to use the Ark's more powerful sensors to try and locate the Decepticons, and it's not long before they pick up an Allspark fragment on the moon. As Bulkhead leaves the ark, to go and get the other Autobots, Prowl takes a small shuttle pod into space (disobeying orders from Optimus Prime). Ratchet explains that may a Transformer has trouble processing after getting addicted to modifications (which is the moral of the story).

On the moon, Prowl locates the Decepticon base, along with Starscream, and farirly easily captures the Decepticon only for Lockdown to appear. Lockdown is also after Starscream, only for the bounty, and so the pair fight over their prize. During the battle Lockdown notices that Starscream is missing, and the pair prepare to leave the Moon in search of him. Prowl sneaks onboard Lockdowns' ship, and gets the bounty hunter to agree to work with him, in order to capture Starscream. Lockdown agrees and offers Prowl more upgrades, in the form of a shielf and samurai armour, which transforms into a side car (a toy of Prowl with samurai armour will be released as part of the Transformers Animated toy line). The pair land on Earth and go in search of Starscream, locating him in the shadows of an overpass. Starscream is behaving strangely, not to mention he is a different colour (the third colour seen in the episode). Prowl captures Starscream, thanks to his new mods, only for Lockdown to capture him, and take Starscream as his own prize. The Decepticon bounty hunter contacts Megatron and arranges to exchange Starscream for his prize.

Optimus, Bulkhead and Ratchet turn up at Prowl's location, freeing him, after tracking his signature. Bumblebee and Sari are off "investigating" a roller-coaster park, and so do not appear in the episode. The three Autobots head off after Lockdown, only to be met by Starscream .. a different Starscream (in G1 colours) who wishes to work with the Autobots in order to overthrow Megatron, and create peace between Autobots and Decepticons. Prowl captures this new Starscream and the Autobots head after the other Starscream and Lockdown. Prowl soon arrives at the abandoned warehouse which Lockdown arranged to meet Megatron, though soon gives his position away. The other Autobots turn up, with the second Starscream, much to Megatron's suprise. As everyone tries to get their heads around which Starscream is the real one, the chests (cockpits) of both Starscreams slide down, to reveal bombs. Starscream's voice, the real one this time, is heard telling them that his plan was to get both the Autobots and Decepticons together, in order to destroy all of them at once.

Megatron decides not to stick around, and so blasts open the glass celing of the warehouse, and the Decepticon's transform and rise up (fly off). With the Autobots lefts with the two ticking time-bombs, Prowl decides that the only fae option is to blast the two Starscream clones into the air using his new samurai armour. He attaches the armour to the two clones, in a way the A-Team would be proud, and blasts them into the sky. They then harmlessly explode in the air, near to where the Decepticon's are.

The episode enes with Prowl removing all his modifications, Megatron upping the bounty on Starscream and Lockdown leaving in his ship (after trying to get Prowl to join him). The final sceens see Starscream, in the wreck of the Decepticon ship on the moon, with an army of clones behind him.
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