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Transformers Animated Episode 25
Episode 25 of Transformers Animated first airred in Dubai and was then followed by the UK on the 3rd June 2008, and then Canada on 7th June and the US a week later. The episode was mainly a flashback episode and introduced various new characters including Wasp, Longarm Prime, Shockwave and Cliffjumper, as well as including the return of Ironhide.

Episode Summary The episode starts out in space with Sentinel Prime chasing a small green transformer, who eventually disappears through a space bridge. The scene jumps to Earth where Ultra Magnus contacts the Autobots to let them know that an Autobot traitor has escaped. Bumblebee recognises the traitor as someone he went to the academy with, called Wasp. Wasp hates Bumblebee, and the reasons behind are told throughout the episode in the form of flashbacks. Our first flashback takes us back to when Bumblebee has first joined that Autobot Academy and meets Wasp. The two have an argument before we jump back to present day.

The scene now focuses on the Decepticons, with Megatron talking to his spy. Issac Sumdac manages to send the message to the Autobot base, and although it is scrambled Bumblebee and Bulkhead realise that Megatron is talking to a traitor. The pair decide to go off to try and find Megatron and the spy, who they believe is the recently escaped Wasp.

Back in the past Bumblebee meets Ironhide for the first time, along with another robot, Longarm, and Wasp. Sentinel Minor then turns up (Sentinel Prime before his promotion) as he is their new Drill Sargent. Bulkhead is also there, it's the first time he has left the farm, and so is picked on by the other Autobots. They call him Mudflap, and Sentinel starts to drill the academy bots, especially the mouthy Bumblebee. He names them all and isn't that impressed with the bumbling Bumblebee.

Bumblebee eventually stumbles across a traitor speaking with Megatron, and then notices Wasp exiting the same building. He decides it's his duty to turn the traitor and decides to tell Longarm. Longarm tells him that they need proof before they go to Sentinel and we quickly jump back to present day.

Whilst Bulkhead and Bumblebee argue on their way to Megatron, Bulkhead transforms and walks off leaving Bumblebee on his own. We then jump back to the past seeing how Bumblebee attempted to capture the spy, only to capture Sentinel bad-mouthing Ultra Magnus and capturing him by mistake. The rest of the trainees are punished for Bumblebee's mistakes, and so Wasp and Ironhide decide to teach him a lesson by removing his legs and placing him in a locker. Longarm frees Bumblebee before they enter one final training session, a simulated combat scenario. As the group head off Wasp throws a grenade at Bumblebee, which makes him panic. He heads off after the traitor only to be attacked by training guns with live ammunition. Bulkhead comes to the rescue but manages to topple down some buildings.

We jump back to present day with Bumblebee getting himself trapped under some rocks, meaning that we have more time for another flash back. In the latest flashback Longarm informs Bumblebee that there will be a locker inspection. Bumblebee breaks into Wasps locker only to find the communication device which was used to contact Megatron. As Wasp is taken away, screaming that he is innocent and will get his revenge on Bumblebee, the other Autobots graduate. Sentinel Minor is pleased with Bumblebee, that is until the small bot takes the blaim for Bulkhead knocking down some buildings. The pair are then shown as having qualified as Spacebridge Maintenance bots.

Back in the present day, Bumblebee realises his friendship with Bulkhead, just as Bulkhead turns up to rescue him. We jump back to the Autobot base where we find that the head of Autobot intelligence is Longarm Prime, the young robot which went to the academy with Bumblebee. The scene jumps again into space where Wasp is seen rocking back and forth muttering about getting revenge on Bumblebee. It should be noted that he now speaks like Waspinator (although is NOT Scott McNeil). The final scenes see Megatron talking to the Autobot traitor, who turns out to be Longarm Prime. Longarm has yet another twist however as he turns out to be none other than the size-shifting Decepticon Shockwave.
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