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Transformers Animated Episode 34
Episode 34 of Transformers Animated was titled "Where is thy Sting?" and featured the return of Wasp. The episode first aired within American on Saturday 28th March 2009 but was leaked onto the internet via YouTube the previous week.

Where is Thy Sting - Episode Summary

Where is thy ating starts off in space with the Autobot Elite Guard heading for Earth. They are soon contacted by Longarm Prime, the head of Autobot intelligence, asking them to explain why they have headed to that sector without prior notificaton. Ultra Magnus explains that the mission is highly classified and so they wanted to make sure the Decepticon's did not find out, and so the Elite Guard continue to Earth. There mission is to find, and capture Wasp, the wrongly convicted Autobot spy. As the Elite Guard to to Earth we see Bumblebee playing on a computer game, and shurking his duties. Optimus leaves and Bumblebee sneaks back to his video game, before the lights suddenly go out. He is then confrunted by Wasp who attacks the Autobot and knocks him out. When he comes too Bumblebee find himself in Wasp's body, and the other Autobots are standing around over the top of him ... including himself (Wasp in disguise). Wasp (Bumblebee) tries to explain what happens, but the Autobots don't delieve him. He struggles and manages to escape, just as Sentinal Prime and Jazz arrive. Sentinal explains that they have arrived to capture Wasp, though Optimus Prime explains that Longarm is the traitor and not Wasp. Sentinal doesn't beleive him and the Autobot's go after Wasp (Bumblebee).

We jump to Cybertron where Shockwave starts to make a backup plan, in case he's true identity is revealed. Meanwhile back on Earth two new Cybertronian jets (Decepticons) arrive to capture Wasp. They defeat Wasp (Bumblebee) but are then attacked by Optimus nand Ratchet. After a breif battle the two robots combined to form one single robot (Safeguard). Sentinal Prime turns up and revealed that the pair aren't Decepticons but are the two new Autobot flyers, Jetfire and Jetstorm.

Bulkhead then catches up with Wasp (Bumblebee) and prepares to attack. The green Autobot traitor then tells Bulkhead a story of being back on Cybertron, when Bulkhead and Bumblebee were together and knocked a tower on top of Sentinal Prime. Bumblebee took the wrap for the story and the pair had not told anyone of the incident. Hearing this Bulkhead realises that this Wasp is actually his little buddy Bumblebee in disguise. Unfortunatley Jetfire and Jetstorm arrive and start to attck once again. They are soon joined by Optimus Prime, Jazz, Sentinal Prime, Prowl and Ratchet. Bulkhead explains that Wasp is actually Bumblebee and the Autobot's head back to their base to sort things out once and for all.

Back at the base Bumblebee (Wasp) tells Sentinal Prime stories of the past before Bulkhead comes up with an idea to prove who is the true Bumblebee and which is the imposter. Bumblebee and Wasp must play each other on Bumblebee's favorite computer game, the winner could only be Bumblebee. Wasp looses and takes Bumblebee as his prisoner, beforeshooting the lights out and escaping. Bulkhead rushes outside where he see's Bumblebee laying on the floor. Thinking that it is Wasp he jumps on top of the yellow Autobot and starts punching him. He finally ripps off his faceplate, revealing that this is the true Bumblebee. Prowl finds a hollow admited on Bumblebee's faceplate, which was used to mask his appearance. The Autobot's realise that Wasp has escaped.

Back on Cybertron Ironhide is looking for Longarm Prime, as his secret is now out. In looking he discovers Ultra Magnus, half destroyed, missing his Magnus Hammer and part of his arm. It looks like Shockwave has escaped the Autobot headquaters, but not without striking a blow to the highest ranking Autobot.
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