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Transformers Animated Episode 1-3
Below you will find over 637 image captures from the Transformers Animated Movie which consisted of Episodes 1-3.

This episode sees the Transformers arrived on Earth, taking on eathern vehicle forms, and interacting with the local lifeforms, all whilst trying to hide The Allspark from the Decepticons.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Optimus Prime watching old war videos (the episode War Dawn from the original Generation One cartoon). He and Ratchet join Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Prowl on a salvage mission, fixing part of the Space Bridge. The soon stumble across a strange object which they identify as the Allspark. At the same time the Decepticons are introduced, who are also looking for the Allspark. It is explained that the Decepticons were defeated long ago, and the team of Autobots are suprised to see a Decepticon ship.

A battle breaks out between the Autobots and Megatron, who is defeated when an explosive device goes off which was planted by Starscream. Megatron spirals out of control crashing into a strange world (Earth) where is he discovered by a young Issac Sumdac. The Autobots ship is also damaged and it too crashes into the planet, but not before the Autobots go into stasis.

50 years later Issac Sumdac is seen having created a robotic empire, and is showing off some of his latest inventions. A giant cockroach robot then starts to attack the humans. Captain Fanzone attacks the creature, forcing it to explode. One of the small pieces of the cockroach makes it's way down into the Autobot ship, which is at the bottom of the lake.

The small creature starts the spacecrafts defense systems, awaking the Autobots. They discover what is happening outside and take on new vehicle forms to help, believing the cars are the dominant lifeform on the planet. A battle ensues, during which the Autobots are introduced to Sari Sumdac, and the Autobots finally defeat the creature.

During the battle Prowl suffers irreversible damage, and is only saved by a strange key which Sari wears around her neck. This item is charged with the power of the Allspark. After the battle the Autobots are treated as heroes, something which does not go unnoticed by Starscream, who is alone on the Decepticon warship. He files down to Earth and attacks the Autobots, looking for the Allspark. Taking some human prisoners, Starscream offers a trade, their lives for the Allspark. Optimus agrees and a trade is set to take place at the top of Sumdac Towers. During the trade the Autobots distract Starscream in order to free the humans. A game of chase ensues, over the Allspark, and eventually it's power is unleashed, defeating Starscream.

Optimus falls from the Sumdac tower, his spark going off line. Sari then uses her key to reignite Prime's spark and bring him back to life.

The mini-movie ends with Issac Sumdac in his lad talking to a giant head ... Megatron. It was from Megatron's body that he was able to reverse engineer all the technology which Sumdac Systems creates. (a similar idea to that used in the Transformers Movie).
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