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Transformers Animated episode 13 titled Headmaster first aired in the US on March 15th 2008. The episode features the first appearance of Henry Masterson, also know as Headmaster, as he uses one of his Headmaster units to take control of Bulkhead.

Episode Guide
The episode begins with Issac Sumdac speaking to Henry Masterson, a young scientist who works for Sumdac Industries. Issac has heard a lot about Henry and has heard that Henry has something to show him. Henry then unveils his prized project, the Headmaster unit. The unit is a giant head which can be piloted and controlled by a human from the inside (in the same way as the Nebulans entered / controlled the original Headmasters in the Generation One cartoon). The head is designed to fit on any war machines, and could be used to take over enemy machines and use their own weaponary aainst them. Issac is stunnded, he runs a strict no-weapons policy, and is angered even more when Henry fires off a missile towards Detroit. Issac Sumdac promptly fires Henry for his wrong-doings.

The scene then jumps to Bulkhead who is being interview in the city by a robotic reported. Bulkhead is upset by the questions, which make him out to be clumbsy. Optimus then contacts the large green Autobot and tells him of the pending danger. Bulkhead races off to intercept the rocket, causing various damages to the cityscape. Although Bulkhead manages to stop the rocket, he causes alot of damage himself, which is caught on camera.

The scene jumps again to the Autobot base, where Sari tries to calm Bulkhead by introducing him to art. There are a few comical scenes with Bulkhead painting and making sculptures, with his size getting in the way. Bulkhead explains to the other Autobots that his art is not very good, just before Sari comes in annoucing she has set up an exhibition for the Autobot. Bulkhead freaks and runs out.

Antother change of scene sees Henry Masterson playing with two Headmaster units, complaining that he needs to find a robot large enough to hold the heads. He spots Bulkhead on the TV and decides that the large Autobot would be perfect. As Bulkhead collects his thoughts about the exhibition Henry strikes, now inside the Headmaster unit. A few seconds later and Bulkhead is left without a body.

The Autobots take Bulkhead back to their base, and start their investigation of what happened. Optimus Prime leaves Bumblebee in charge of Bulkhead's head, which is still sentient, and the little bot tries to help Bulkhead out with his art, via several comic scenes. Meanwhile the Autobots, Issac, Sari and Detective Fanzone are at Henry's lab, as Issac Sumdac believes that his former employee could well be behind the theft. Back at the Autobot base, Bumblebee turns on the TV only to see Bulkhead's body breaking into a solar energy plant. The Autobots then head out to the plant whilst Henry names his demands for not destroying the city.

The Autobots head to the powerstation (with Optimus using a trailer based on the G1 mold) to try and stop Henry. When they arrive Henry grabs Issac and tells him that he will still destroy the city even though he now has the money. Issac tells Henry to check the money is there, which he does, only to find Bulkhead's head in the trailer and no money.

The Autobots then transform and attck Henry, who's still controlling Bulkhead with the Headmaster unit. A battle commences, with Bulkhead's head being used as a weapon on several occsions, Henry finally disconnects the Headmaster unit from Bulkhead and flees. Optimus brings him down with a thud, again using Bulkhead's head, before the giant Autobot is finally put back together (although they place his head on backwards). Henry then transforms the Headmaster unit, revealing that it has it's own robot mode, and runs off.

The episode ends with Bulkhead's art exhibition.

Notes Henry is never refered to as Headmaster. Optimus Prime uses the G1 trailer, and Prowl uses his hologrammatic police officer for the first time other than just sitting on him when in bike mode.
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