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Episode 21 of Transformers Animated,titled Velocity, debuted in Dubai at the beginning of May 2008. The first English language showing of the episode was on the 10th May 2008 in Canada. The episode featured the debut of Master Disaster and Blurr.

The episode begins with the Autobots out looking for an "Allspark Fragment" which they have detected, when their search is interupted by an illegal street race between two cars. Bulkhead recognised the racers as part of the Speed Demon Pay-per-view pirate TV show. As Bumblebee chases after them, a third car appears, running the other two competitors of the road and leavivng their drivers shaken and injured. Bumblebee tries to catch up with the third car but is not fast enough and is called back to rejoin the other Autobots who are trying to free the two human drivers from their cars. As thhe second driver is freed, Captain Fanzone appears and arrests both of them.

The scene shifts to the Autobot headquarters where Bumblebee is desperate for thhe other Autobots to let him use his Speed Boosters, to catch the third racer. Bumblebee feels that the third car must be a Decepticon since he considers himself to be the fastest car on Earth. The Autobots voice their disapproval of Bumblebee using his boosters, reminding him of the trouble that they caused last time.

The scene jumps once again to Bulkhead confronting Sari regarding regarding the illegal street racing. Sari admits that she is actually pirating the PPV channel, and tries to justify this by saying that since the race is illegal then its fine for her to hack the PPV channel and watch for free. Bulkhead tries to explain that two wrongs do not make a right, but this falls on deaf ears, especially since Bumblebee is encouraging her and setting her a bad example by ignoring the other Autobots and taking his boosters and setting off after Master Disaster, who organised the races.

Bumblebee tracks down the racers and is invited by Master Disaster to join them in the next race. He plans to use the mysterous car to cause Bumblebee to have a huge accident which he feels will result in increased ratings and thus revenue. It turns out that Master Disaster has a remote control that allows him to control the super-fast car. Back in the Autobot base, Sari is trying to keep Bulkhead busy, when a message comes in from Bumblebee saying that he's tracked down the third car and will be taking part in the next race. Bulkhead hears and is not pleased that Bumblebee has been getting Sari to lie to him. At the same time Blitzwing appears at the location of the last race explaining, as he communicates with Megatron, that he is also on the trail of the "Allspark Fragment".

Bumblebee and Sari sneak out to compete in the race, with Bulkhead following them. At the sametime Captain Fanzone gets the injured driver to tell him the location of the next race and heads out to try to arrest Master Disaster.

At the starting grid, Sari sneaks on to Master Disasters truck, when her key reacts to an "Allspark Fragment". It turns out to be inside of Master Disasters remote, which she steals. The race begins but it is not long before Blitzwing tracks the Allspark Fragment and begins to attack the racers after freezing Bulkhead. After being chased by Blitwing for sometime, Sari uses the remote control on Blitwing to buy them some time allowing them to rescue Fanzone who also came under attack from the Decepticon. After Sari drops the controller Blitzwing once again starts to pursuit them only for the mysterous car to driver off a bride forcing Blitzwing to crash into Master Disasters truck. The remote is then used again to defeat Blitwing whilst Captain Fanzone arrests Master Disaster.

The episode ends with Bumblebee realising that he's not a good influence on Sari and must change, starting with destroying her pirated TV. Just before the credits roll, the super-fast car is seen again driving off, whilst Bumblebee is left pondering its true identity.
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