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November 10th, 2008 08:35:55

Ozformers has a nice round up, with a few pictures, from a Transformers Animated promotional event which took place in Australia over the weekend.

Here's a basic summary but check out Ozformers for the full article / details.

Some of the interesting things discussed during the day:
- Eric is in Australia until February, on a 'working holiday', but would love to come back. He said that the temporary relocation is part of an initiative at Hasbro now to have the more important people exposed to other branches of their (global empire) company, and have the branches benefit from it in the process (or something like that - it sounds like something they could be doing a lot in future).
- He's been working his normal job, but just more efficiant (no distractions like at their US offices).
- He's been around a fair bit of Australia while here (as a tourist), and hopes to visit New Zealand before he heads back to America.
- He pointed out to us that he has been responsible for designing all of Animated, not just Oilslick (which I thought was his only Animated figure, because it was on the tfwiki). He mentioned that there is a complete list of his works on tfw2005 site somewhere (I couldn't find it).
- On the topic of Oil Slick, he said that it was originally intended to have slime in the second barrel (the one with the lid, not the chain weapon), and slime in the bucket over his head. When that didn't work (potential for leaking during transport from China was the issue), they looked at having water in the bucket over his head, but found out that it is 'not a good idea to have anything from China with water in it', in case it gets consumed by a child (seems that the water from China isn't the healthiest in the world). In the end, the toy was left without anything, but like Animated Swoop's weapon or Universe Galvatron, the original features are still there.
- Aside from the Toasted TV interview, he has also been interviewd on TTN (kid's news show) and FHM (men's magazine).
- Is working on 2 of the size classes for the TF2 Movie line, one of which is the Voyager size (I think he said Scout was the other). As expected, he couldn't say anything else about the movie, other than how great he thinks the toys are coming.
- Mentioned that the Animated Sideswipe in the UK comic was something they drew up without telling Hasbro, and told them to change it because it was a character they would probably do eventually.
- His thoughts on some of the good quality custom TFs, is one as a fan, who want's to get a 'City Commander' (Classics Magnus trailer) for himself.
- Told us why we haven't seen any Animated Constructicon toys yet, but I can't say why here at this time.
- Described the Animated Arcee toy a little, being a whole new Deluxe sized mould, and isn't all pink.
- Said that the neutering of Animated Swoop's weapon (was designed to extend the flame spikes when pulling on the chain), but didn't pass safety tests (if swallowed, it could get lodged in a kid's throat, and pulling the chain to remove the toy would hook it in even more).
- A fan of Translucent plastic on TFs, but not of Mighty Muggs (don't blame him - they're an abomination...).
- He prefers the creative freedom of doing new characters over homage characters. And says that he's just about done about all the major Gen1 character homage toys for Animated, as more of the focus will be on new characters now (after next year).

He also discussed a fair bit about the design process - what he does, what some of the restriction on him are, and how most turn out close enough to how he wanted them to.

And a few things from the Marketting Managers:
- The Animated cartoon will return to Australian free-to-air (Toasted TV on Channel 10) by the end of November, on weekdays.
- Delay with the release of 25th Optimus here (probably won't be in stores until early January now)
- And I think there was a similar delay with Special Edition classics as well.

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