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wreck gar
Name: Wreck Gar
Faction: Autobot
Function: Garbage Disposal
Motto: Unknown
Cybertronian Alt Mode: n/a
Earth Alt Mode: Garbage Truck
Character Profile
Wreck-Gar was created on earth in a garbage barge, when Sari's key deteced an Allspark fragment amongst the waste. Wreck-Gar was bought to life with no memories or idea on who, or what he was. The puzzled mechanoid when in search for answers, meeting the Angry Archer on the way, before finally meeting the Autobots and Lugnut. Using the universal greeting, Bar-weep-gra-nar-weep-nini-bon, he accidently defeated Lugnut (with whom he was working with). Wreck-Gar, who was named by the Angry Archer, finally decided he could become a hero after Ratchet appologised for his behavour, though only a few moments later the Junkion would fall into a lake, getting stuck at the bottom.
cartoon details
1st Appearance: Garbage In, Garbage Out
Credits: Weird Al Yankovic - Alexander Doering
Type: Guest
wreck gar toy preview
Transformers Animated Wreck Gar toy
Transformers Animated Wreck Gar toy
Transformers Animated Wreck Gar toy
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