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Name: Scrapper
Faction: Decepticon
Function: Constructicon
Motto: Unknown
Cybertronian Alt Mode: n/a
Earth Alt Mode: Construction Digger
Character Profile
Scrapper is one of the members of the Constructicons, along with his brother Mixmaster (or Mix as Scrapper calls him), he was created on Earth when an Allspark fragment fused with an Earthen construction vehicle. After aaining sentient thought, Scrapper's first action was to name himself, choosing the name Scrap from a nearby sign, Mixmaster expanded it to Scrapper. His next task to to chase a human car, when he eventually stumble accross Bulkhead. The two Constructicons befreinded the green Autobot, but their freindship was not to last, after loosing his memory.

There are two things Scrapper likes to do, build and drink, though not in that order. Megatron's personal mixture of Oil is his favorite tipple, and like Mixmaster their passion for oil overcomes their logic circuits.
cartoon details
1st Appearance: Ep22: Rise of the Constructicons
Credits: Tom Kenny - Helmut Gauß
Type: Guest
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