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Name: Nanosec
Faction: Human
Alt Name: Nano Sexton
Role: Thief
Age: Adult to OAP
Abilites: Superspeed
Character Profile
Nino Sexton was a simple theif until Megatron posted his bail, in order to move a case of Liquid Destronian across Detroit. Powering Nino with a super-suit from the Sumdac labs, capable of super-speeds, Nino Sexton was transformed into Nanosec, the fastest criminal in the world.

There was an unfortunate side effect of the super speed though, the faster Nino went the older he became, eventually collapsing allowing the police to take him away.
cartoon details
1st Appearance: Ep8: Nanosec
Credits: Brian Posehn
Type: Nanosec
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