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Name: Ironhide
Faction: Autobot
Function: Security
Motto: High tech microchips are no replacement for guts
Cybertronian Alt Mode: Unknown
Earth Alt Mode: n/a
Character Profile
"High tech circuitry is no replacement for guts"
IRONHIDE is an easy going country bot, with the ability to transform his exterior into a super dense, nearly invulnerable allow able to withstand almost any impact or blast. Ironhide was protoformed in a small rural prefecture far away from the big Cybertronian cities. He is often filled with wide eyed amazment over the smallest things in the galaxy. Though jovial and goo natured, sometimes his pranks can get a bit crude.
cartoon details
1st Appearance: Mission Accomplished
Credits: Corey Burton - Kaspar Eichel
Type: Guest
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