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Name: Captain Fanzone
Faction: Human
Alt Name: n/a
Role: Chief of Police
Age: Adult
Abilities: n/a
Character Profile
Captain Fanzone is not an AUTOBOT, but a police detective whose car was scanned to become the vehicle mode for BUMBLEBEE. He's a harried, overworked, but basically good and honest cop, albeit one whose day is perpetually ruined by one of those "giant walking toasters" (especially BUMBLEBEE, who has the audacity to run around looking like his car). A ludite at heart with old-fashioned tastes for vinyl records, old cars and analogue everything), Fanzone prefers the stairs to the elevator, walking to the people-mover, talking face-to-face over IM-ing, etc. Technology constantly confounds him, everything from the snack machine to the forever malfunctioning Sumdac Security Drones he's forced to work with.

Note: On the official Voice Actors information list handed out by Cartoon Network (USA) Captain Fanzone is listed as Det. Fanzone under the credits for voice actor Jeff Bennet. All other information points to the rank of the character as Captain.
cartoon details
1st Appearance: Ep1: Transform and Roll Out
Credits: Jeff Bennett - Axel Lutter
Type: Main Character
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